Market Research 市場調查

Quantitative Research 定量研究

Street Intercept Survey 

A street intercept survey is a research method used to collect on-site feedback from respondents.

Street interception is a common form that involves approaching potential respondents at a specific time and place, asking several screening questions to determine the respondent's eligibility, and then asking permission to complete the questionnaire. Sometimes, though not exclusively, in return for a small incentive.

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Central Location Test (CLT)

A Central Location Test (CLT) is one in which the research is conducted in a location such as a room in a shopping mall. Before conducting the interviews, the interviewers are well-trained by the researchers to improve their interviewing skills and avoid influencing the respondents' thinking through the interviews.

Since interviews are conducted at a specific location, managing the entire interview process and handling unexpected situations is more accessible.

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街頭攔截是一種常見的形式,涉及在特定時間和地點, 接近潛在受訪者,提出幾個篩選問題以確定受訪者的資格,然後 請求允許完成問卷。 有時,但不完全是,作為對小獎勵的回報。


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中心位置測試 (CLT)

中心位置測試 (CLT) 是一種在某個位置(例如購物中心的房間)進行研究的測試。 在進行訪談之前,訪談員會接受研究人員的良好培訓,以提高他們的訪談技巧,避免通過訪談影響受訪者的思維。



Online Survey

A popular source of data collection is an internet survey, Internet survey, or web-based survey in which a set of survey questions is sent to target respondents over the World Wide Web.

Target respondents receive online surveys through various mediums such as emails, embedded websites, social media, instant messengers, etc.

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Street Intercept Survey(Hong Kong & Macau) 


(Fieldwork Photos - 街頭訪問照片)