Market Research 市場調查 

Qualitative Research 定性研究

Focus Group

A focus group is a research method that brings together a small group of people to answer questions in a moderated setting. The group was selected based on predefined demographic characteristics, and the questions were designed to illuminate topics of interest.

Observations of group dynamics, responses to focus group questions, and even their body language can guide future research on consumer decisions, products, services, or controversial topics.

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焦點小組是一種研究方法,將一小群人聚集在一起,在有節制的環境中回答問題。 該組可以是根據預定義的人口統計特徵選擇的,問題旨在闡明感興趣的主題。



The in-depth Interview (IDI) 

The in-depth interview (IDI) is qualitative research, which is a detailed interview, usually with just one interviewee.

Personal Interview

This type of interview is great for exploring specific ideas in detail or evaluating concepts and material that require undivided attention. It may also often be the most appropriate setting for research that covers more emotional or specific topics, as the relationship between the moderator and interviewee is key to the results and insights each interview generates.

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這種類型的訪談非常適合詳細探索特定想法或評估需要全神貫注的概念和材料。 對於涵蓋更多情感或特定主題的研究,它通常也可能是最合適的設置,因為主持人和受訪者之間的關係是每次訪談產生的結果和見解的關鍵。