Mystery Shopper 神秘顧客

InSIghtS Research's professionals are passionate about the mystery shopping program and have nearly 20 years of experience in the relevant fields.

Our professionals have participated in the design, implementation, and report writing of over 180 mystery shopping projects of different brands.

Including but not limited to retail, catering, service centres, and other industries, such as banking, watch jewellery, property management, convenience stores, supermarket, department store, household goods, public transport, medical service, Chinese medicine service, beauty, health food, fitness centre, cinema, petrol station, electronic product, fashion, sportswear, telecommunications, automobile, Chinese food, western food, fast food restaurant, food court, clubhouse, NGO, etc.

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InSIghtS Research 的專業團隊人員對神秘顧客評核服務尤為熟悉,並在相關領域擁有近20年的相關經驗。


服務經驗則包括但不限於零售、餐飲、服務中心等行業,如銀行、鐘錶珠寶、物業管理、便利店、超市、百貨、家居用品、公共交通、醫療服務、中醫服務、美容、保健食品、健身中心 、電影院、加油站、電子產品、時裝、運動服飾、電訊、汽車、中餐、西餐、快餐店、美食廣場、會所、NGO等。