Our Professionals 專業團隊

InSIghtS Research is a market research and consulting team composed of professional researchers, corporate consultants, and corporate trainers with over 20 years of relevant industry experience.

Our team has rich market research experience, including quantitative and qualitative research. We provide one-stop services, including questionnaire design, fieldwork execution, analysis report writing, and business consultation.

In terms of corporate training, our corporate trainers have served large companies and listed companies for many years, most of which were training departments in charge or senior trainers in specific fields.

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InSIghtS Research的團隊是由具有20年以上相關行業經驗的專業研究人員、企業顧問、 企業培訓師所組成的市研、 顧問 及培訓團隊。

於市場調查研究方面, 我們的團隊擁有豐富的市場調查研究經驗,包括定量和定性調查。 我們提供一站式服務,包括問卷設計、實地執行、分析報告撰寫及企業顧問服務等。